Welcome to Thor’s Rike, the largest theme park in Norway. Here you’ll find everything from thrilling rollercoasters to the experience of authentic viking raids. The park is designed by ITEC Entertainment Group, and is planned to be open by the spring of 2018.

Vikingland Will Generate Billions in revenue

– We are not building a playground. We are building a destination. “Thor´s Rike” wants to stop the thousands of credit cards travelling through our region to Stavanger and Bergen, and give them a reason to stay. Read the full article… Read more

From Detour To Destination

Read the interview with Project Manager Terje Devold, who wants to change Haugalandet to become a destination and no longer a detour. He is more certain than ever that “Thor´s Rike” in Sveio will become a reality. See the whole interview… Read more

Do Not Wait For Growth – Create it!

“Do not wait for growth – create it” The message from project manager at “Vikingland” in Sveio was as clear as only a solution oriented West-coast “Sunnmoring” could deliver. Read the whole article.