About the project

Haugesund and the Haugesund region wants to fortify its brand – Homeland of the Viking Kings – and to establish itself as the viking capital of the world. Today, many use our viking history in their regional profile, but none have managed to become the undisputed holder of the position.

To hold down a position like this, the region needs a lift – we need a Thor’s Rike. Vikinglandet AS has been established to drive the project forward. You can read more about the company and the people involved here.

We have completed oppportunity studies, which show that the Thor’s Rike-project is absolutely doable business-wise. The study is based on the development of similar parks elsewhere, cost estimates, regional markets, national markets and international markets, rate of attraction and more. Currently, we are working on raising funds to start the next phase: the preliminary project. Here, ITEC (an american company known for their work with amongst others Disneyland), will conduct a detailed projection of the park. Because of this, we are looking for partners to help us cross over into the next phase. We are happy to present the project for you. Please contact us here.