Explore the park

Prepare yourself to embark onboard an amazing journey deep into the viking sagas. Granted you’re truly prepared for this, we welcome you to Thor’s Kingdom, where the viking age returns back to life. Celebrate your own viking-spirit that dwells inside you, with rides and rollercoasters, authentic shows on stage, eat like the vikings did and try if you dare, to negotiate with them at their many stores.

A world of heroes, trolls and magic … Thrill and adventure … Gods and giants … Courage and deceit … Mythic beings and spectacular environments! Take part in our world and let yourself inspire – By an authentic vikingland, right next to where the viking-capitol once stood over 1000 years ago!


The purpose of Thor’s Kingdom is to relive the most significant stories from the viking age, divided into unique zones. The video above will take you through a virtual tour of the park, while the map below contains descriptions for each zone.

Castle Entrance

Atop a hill, a mighty tree thrones above the park, visible from miles away. The derelict ruins of a once majestic viking fort have through the years been intertwined with teh thick, crooked trunk and the twisted roots of the tree. The lonely, worn castle marks the entrance to Thor’s Rike. From this vantage point the fort looks abandoned, destroyed and a little scary. But the dream of adventure on the other side is tantalizing.